Electronic Cigars

Electronic Cigars



Now most everyone has heard of electronic cigarettes – they are all the rage for quitting smoking and for creating a more pleasurable smoking experience in general. But a new trend out there is electronic cigars – a classy twist on the electronic cigarette revolution. Some people don’t know this, but even tobacco cigars can cause you cancer – particularly cancer of the mouth. You can experience the fun of exhaling those huge plumes of cigar smoke without the risk of oral cancer by using one of the awesome electronic cigars that are out there on the market. And the cool thing about electronic cigars is you can a actually inhale the vapor, if that’s your sort of thing! The best part probably about electronic cigars is the huge batteries that come with them – they’ll last you a lot longer than your typical electronic cigarette battery and produce a ton of vapor too.


Electronic cigars come in both starter kits and disposable, so depending what you’re looking for you’ll have to decide between those two. Electronic cigars that are disposable last longer than disposable electronic cigarettes, so you’ll actually be saving money compared to buying a disposable e-Cigarette. Disposable e-Cigars range anywhere from $9 to $30 and they’ll last you from 1,000 to 2,000 puffs depending on whether you get the low or high end product. 1,000 puffs is a ton of puffs, so you’ll definitely get your money’s worth compared to electronic cigarette disposables that can sometimes last only 200 puffs. Plus, the electronic cigars are bigger and give more of a feeling of smoking a nice Cuban than puffing on a flimsy cigarette. When I go disposable, I personally like to go with the cigars. They’re like a special event when I want a break from my e-Cig, just like how cigarette smokers will occasionally have a cigar for a special event or occasion. In the end, I would definitely recommend a disposable e-Cigar if you’re looking for a cigar like experience without risking oral cancer. They come in different flavors so it sort of adds a new aspect to cigar smoking.


Besides the disposable e-Cigars, you can get a starter kit that includes an actually rechargeable battery and then you can purcahse flavored cartridges that you screw on the end of it. This is great because you can recharge your electrnoic cigar and use it for multiple special occasions! But really, if you’re looking for the wise economic decision when it comes to e-Cigars, the starter kits are the way to go. The batteries last forever and then you can just keep recharging them. I don’t smoke enough cigars to get the starter kit, but I really enjoy the occassional disposable. I’m sure if I was a cigar man that I’d buy one of these starter kits. They run anywhere from $70 to $100 and they are well worth the price. Inside the kits you’ll usually get a big ‘ol cigar battery or two, you’ll get your refill cartridges and you’ll get a USB and/or wall charger. This is all you need to get started with your e-Cigar and you’ll be ready to go. Once again, you will love the ability to recharge your electronic cigar and you won’t have to throw away your electronic cigars every time you’re done with them as with the disposable electronic cigars.


So what do electronic cigars even look like? Well…just like a normal tobacco cigar! The batteries are usually brown colored and are about the same size around as a normal cigar. Some brands even offer batteries in a crazy amount of colors – seriously the brand Premium has at least 15 different colors and options for both automatic and manual batteries. Manual batteries are a great choice because you can choose when your electronic cigar emits vapor and this increases how much vapor is released and it conserves battery power as well. But if you’re looking to move from a traditional brown electronic cigar to a colored one from Premium, they’re only going to run you about $25! Plus they even have custom design batteries which is one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen in my time with electronic cigarettes!


The cartridges are also just like the end of the normal tobacco cigars, they even have the conical shape that you come to love about your cigars! Unfortunately they don’t really have any colored cartridges that match the colored batteries, and they only have cigar flavors – but that’s all you’re going to need right? From my experience, the flavor of electronic cigars isn’t quite as “full bodies” as tobacco cigars, but they do taste nice and get the job done really well. I really enjoy my occasional experience with electronic cigars because the taste is so uniquely different from electronic cigarettes. The cartridges for e-Cigars are actually much better than those of electronic cigarettes because they hold so much more e-Liquid and last much longer, same as the battery. You will have to buy less refills and spend less money in the long run compared to how you had to buy new tobacco cigars every time. The nicotine amount of the cartridges range anywhere from 0% to 1.8%, so whichever amount of nicotine you want to intake, there is an option out there for you. I especially enjoy the 0% option because it allows smokers that don’t want any nicotine to enjoy the action of smoking without the damage of nicotine (even though that damage is very small, it’s still addicting).


In the end, it’s clear that electronic cigars are a much better option than tobacco cigars. They are cheaper, they won’t smell up everyone that you’re around when you’re lighting up and they are much more budget friendly in the long run. The colored batteries from Premium are really nice, a cool option that I didn’t think we’d see when electronic cigars first came on the market. For those classic, classy cigar smokers out there – you should definitely consider making the switch! If you haven’t seen that clip of Katherine Heigl on David Letterman, you can see a true cigar smoker puffing away on an e-Cigarette and enjoying it! Good luck shopping and make sure to refer to our reviews in your shopping!

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